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Here at Griggs Products we are dedicated to bringing you the finest in recoil redirection. We know that many shooters suffer from accuracy problems caused by flinching. Flinching is usually caused by painful experiences with recoil. The Griggs Recoil Redirector is the answer to this problem. Please look at our site and learn more about our recoil redirectors and how they can help you to shoot more accurately and more comfortably. Order one for each of your guns today. We are proud of our product and certain you will be proud to own one.

What is the Griggs Recoil Redirector?

Through years of experience and extensive research, along with trial and error and thousands of rounds of ammo, we have developed a recoil device that actually works. This device mounts to the stock of a rifle or shotgun in place of a normal recoil pad and can be installed by anyone. While the Griggs Recoil Redirector looks like one piece of aluminum, it is really two pieces of specially processed, ultra-light, ultra-strong aluminum. The patented design features a mechanism which employs sliding parts that move along a precisely engineered angle in such a way that the recoil of the gun is redirected down and away from the face of the shooter.

Why buy from Griggs?

This device is a beautiful addition to any rifle or shotgun. It is built to last as long as the gun itself. It has been designed to fit 98% of all shotgun and rifle stocks. The GRR can be fully adjusted to accommodate all shooters: men, women or youth. It does not change the point of impact of the shot. It does not weigh much more than a one inch rubber recoil pad, and is the same thickness. The mechanism is quiet because it slides on a Teflon Bearing. The GRR can be added to a gun that already has a recoil device installed inside the stock. The GRR GREATLY improves performance. All of our products are hand-crafted in the U.S.A.

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