Our product line currently includes the following three products:

System #1
Griggs Recoil Redirector

Griggs System 1

System #2
Adjust-A-Pad with GRR
Height and Cant, and
Side to Side are adjustable.

Griggs System 2

System #3
Ulta-Pad with GRR
Length of Pull, Cant, Pitch, or Height,
And side to side can be changed in seconds
The ULTIMATE in Precision Adjustment

Griggs System 3

There is NOTHING in this WORLD that eliminates recoil as well as the Griggs Recoil Redirector. After using a GRR, some shooters have reported that "the product removes all the kick from the face and from 50% to 80% of the kick from the shoulder."

Records have been set and are being set. Shoots are being won by shooters using the Griggs System.

The Griggs Adjustable System is so unique it is patented.

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